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Wavy Wooden Flag | American Flag | Military Gift

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This flag has a beautiful 3D dimension to it. Each flag starts as a 2”x6” and each wave is hand carved and sanded to perfection. They are torched to give a burned look to it, but you can opt out of that if you wish! We can also make these strait formed with NO waves if you prefer. Just message us with your order information to let us know.
After all the final touches, they are sealed with multiple coats of polyurethane to give it a glossy finish that will protect it from all weather, no matter where it is displayed.

The possibilities are endless with these. Here are some designs we offer:

-plain Stars and Stripes.

-military seals and logos. Can include name, rank and dates of service.

-veteran. Can include branch, war, name, rank, dates of service and awards.

-custom. We do LOTS of unique active military units/brigade/battalion flags that include name, rank, dates of service, logos and/or quotes. These are perfect for “going away” gifts for service members.

Be sure to select which design/finish you would like at checkout. Please send us a message with your order information along with the custom details for your flag.

We are open to custom requests! Just message us and we are happy to work with you to bring your ideas to life.

Due to the time & effort that goes into each of these flags, we do not offer refunds. Every piece we ship gets a thorough inspection before being packaged!